Due to contract works in the practice ground 1,2 and 3 will not be in play. Play 4 - 18 and then 16,17, 18 again. Due to frost all greens will be on temporary greens, there will be another update at 10am. (updated 24 January at 07:04)

On behalf of Pyecombe Golf Club, may I say a big thank you for hosting the Oliver's Trophy semi-final and your offer to support was most welcome

,even more so with your Club not involved in the semi’s.

Having journeyed round the Golf course,I can only say that your members were most accommodating and generous both in the fact that the game was being played there, but also in allowing groups to play through.

They were a credit to your Club. The team left Littlehampton with a warm glow, which wasn’t just from the sea breeze.






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