Course fully open. Due to contractors working on the course you will be starting from the 4th hole. The course layout will be 4 to 18 then walk back to 16 and finish by playing 16,17 and 18 please follow all signs thank you.
Dress Code


These dress rules are for the guidance of Members, their guests and visitors. They are intended to be clear, workable and consistent with standards of dress considered acceptable at modern day Golf Clubs. Members are expected to take personal responsibility by observing standards of dress that reflect well on themselves and the Club.

Visitors, visiting societies, visiting teams and players participating in open competitions should comply with these dress rules. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that they, and their guests, adhere to the dress code and to report any issues to the Secretary, The Professional and his staff, Clubhouse staff or any member of the Board of Directors. The aforementioned people are the only ones authorised to address any infringements. Golfers should change their clothing in the locker rooms and not in the car park.

On the Course

  • Conventional golf wear (the type and style of clothing that has been designed for golf and can be bought in a golf / pro shop) is acceptable. Golf shoes must be worn. Round neck tee shirts, vest style tops, denim jeans, track suits, paramilitary type trousers, etc. are not considered suitable golf wear.
  • Shorts must betailored and designed for golf. Cargo, beach type, soccer, rugby, athletic or jogging shorts are not allowed. Shorts socks may be of any colour. ‘Shoe socks’ may also beworn.
  • Trousers are not permitted to be tucked into socks unless covered by over-trousers.
  • Shirts/tops mustbe tucked into trousers/shortsat all times.
  • Headgear must be appropriate for golf and worn correctly (i.e. peak at the front)
  • Juniors are required to adhere to the on course dress code although those under 15 may wear alternative sports shoes (trainers).
  • Mobile phones on the course – Mobile phones may be carried on the course but should either be switched to silent or switched off. They should only be used in an emergency.

In the Clubhouse

  • Smart casual clothing and footwear must be worn in the Clubhouse. Track suits / leisure suits, paramilitary style camouflage or cargo shorts / trousers are not permitted. Denim jeans are not permitted unless specifically authorised by the Secretary, Captain or House Director.
  • Training shoes / plimsolls, flip flops or stocking feet are not considered to be suitable footwear.
  • Tailored shortsare permitted in all areas except when dining in the dining room or during designated formal function.
  • Gentlemen are to wear socks at all times but they may,between the beginning of April andthe end of October, wear sandals, deck shoes or similar, without socks.
  • Waterproof trousers, clothing that is wet, soiled or muddy, golf shoes, caps or hats, replica football shirts (or similar) are not permitted. Jackets and ties, or other formal attire, must be worn at the AGM, designated prize presentations and for certain other nominated meals and events.
  • Any social (or other) events that require different dress codes will be advertised as such, and members and guests should comply.
  • Juniors under 12 are not subject to the dress code.
  • Mobile phones – should be switched to silent in the clubhouse. Voice calls should not be made or taken in the main bar or restaurant.